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T3 Or Arizona Z

Ethan Engels

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I have the AZ rears and the T3 LCA on my street Z which I drive very hard. I also have the T3 rears on the 240 race car and stock LCAs.

I like the adjustability of the AZ in the rears but both are so much of an improvement over stock it is hard to say which is better one way or the other. The AZ rears solved the CV issue I was having which the T3 would not have been able to do.

The T3 fronts are massive and better than the custom set we made which failed on the track.

You really can't go wrong with either set-up.

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I guess it comes down to whether you want to weld or bolt in. AZC coil overs are a kit that requires cutting and welding on the struts and towers.  A lot  of people have gone that route.  I chose 3T bolt in because I cant weld worth a **** and didn't want to risk burning my car to the ground or a suspension failure due to me. I have bought a lot of stuff from Dave and he has been around for 25+ years and done a lot of development on the stuff he makes and sells for z cars.  3T also has a good rep.  My rear coil over set came today and are beautifully made.  The fronts are being built.  Mixing the two may not be a good idea.  3T uses koni shocks and Dave uses his own brand ()but really massive) so you probly would have issues with adjusting them.   Either company is a good choice and you cant really go wrong.

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