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Talkative, aren't we ????

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I just checked out the other Regional sites.

North, South, East, West and Central America seems to be mostly asleep.

However, with the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, well, it appears that no ones home.

Just shows what a bunch of nice, friendly, talkative people we Aussies are.


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You can't get more patriotic than the Americans.

I was pleasently surprised at the amount of active Aussies on this forum when I first joined. Was looking for a community within Aus but didn't hold my breath.

Judging by the regional poll we make up around 20% of active members(roughly). Gotta be happy with that.

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I was expecting similar when I joined.

Actually, back then I didn't see much activitty from Aussies at all. But that was before broadband internet was 'widely' available. Now I'm astounded at how many people there are on this list from Adelaide, let alone Australia!

And everyones cars are more complete than mine....:cry:

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Maybe its 'cos we are all ( supposed ) to be asleep at this time of night ( over here in the U of K that is )...................

It's true though - not many UK-domiciled users on this site are there? You'd think there might be more than the 'true' Europeans ( French, German, Dutch etc ) seeing as we got more early Z cars here in the UK than they did in the rest of Europe put together.

Funny that.

Hats off to the Australians and New Zealanders, I say. Certainly giving the most bang per head here.

'Bout time I was in bed,

Alan T.

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Hey there OZZY,

I fully agree with your statement that "You can't get more patriotic than the Americans".

Any one who has had personal contact with Americans would know just how deep their patriotism goes.

I just wish more Australians felt that way about Australia.

Americans I have known could name every President who ever held office.

How many Aussies can name all our Prime Ministers????????????

The patriotism of Americans is to be envied.


P.S. Note; (not once did I refer to them as Septic Tanks)(THIS TIME).

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I couldn't agree with you more. There are conseqences to high levels of patriotism though

Americans know their history and geography so well because they are educated with a narrow minded point of view due to their patriotism. I do not mean to stereotype here and I apologise if have generolised to the point of sounding stupid but they wouldn't know the history of the world and it's geography to save their asses. Naturally there are those that do but recent studies conducted regarding foreign affairs throughout the world showed that America was in the bottom 20% on average.

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Ozzy Guy

As you said there are consequences about being too patriotic like in the USA but there are also consequences for being too blaise like us here in Oz. I know its bloody hard to get a balance.

I am constantly astounded of the stories I hear about what is taught in schools in Oz which relate very little to what we have achieved in this country.

We may have been wrong in a lot of instances but looking at what we have today, who could complain?? People thought that they were doing the right thing at the time.


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