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Hi Steve,

Good to see that you outed the Z31 ( hopefully you will have turned a slight profit? ).

Also good to see that you got the books OK ( we never trust the Postman over here any more..... ).

That's a good question about that reversion to "H" prefixes for the L28 engined cars ( after the "R" prefix for the L26 engined cars ), and its easy to see that it might easily cause confusion.

Did you also notice that the later S30 models were called "S31" ( at least they were in Japan )? In Japan, the "S30" model type covers all of the iterations of S30 / PS30 / HS30 / HLS30 / RS30 / RLS30 / GRS30 / GRLS30 etc etc and usually includes the "S31" versions. Funny that.

By all accounts ( from what I have been told, anyway ) there was quite a lot of confusion with regard to the RS30 / RLS30 models at the Factory, and the Japanese-market model got pulled at the last moment because it was found to have a real lot of trouble related to the fuel system and the new Japanese emissions regs. They did actually let a few out into the Home market, but then pulled it. This makes that particular model something of a rarity in Japan.

After that, they started calling the Home market cars "S31" series. They never had the "280Z" model in Japan.

Strange that they would revert to a previously-used code instead of doing the logical thing and making some kind of progression in the prefixes, isn't it?

Maybe you should use your CB and put out a distress call.....? Nudge nudge wink wink!

All the best,

Alan T.

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Hi Mr C,

Yes, I think the HLS30 "280Z" was basically a USA / North American market-only version. We certainly didn't have it here in the UK either.

I wonder if there were a couple of other places that got them other than the USA / North American market though? There's no such thing as Nissan gospel truth.

I can't help thinking that I've seen something somewhere about a few very late S30 / S31 series cars going to Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Outer Mongolia or somewhere like that.

Maybe I was hallucinating or having an LSD gear-oil induced flashback...............

Alan T.

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>>>>Good to see that you outed the Z31 ( hopefully you will have turned a slight profit? ). <<<

I made it very worth my time.

>>>>Did you also notice that the later S30 models were called "S31" ( at least they were in Japan )? <<<<

I saw that! I was going to ask about that too. That's amazing they would produce 1st gen cars for the international market and 2nd gen cars for the US market consecutively in 78/79 with the same prefix. Now I understand your confusion when I posted those vin tags and one was a 280ZX.

My CB! That's a good one. Are you suggesting I go to church?

steve 77/71

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Hiya Steve,

Good to hear you came out of your Z31 encounter ahead. Actually, I had some good times in a nicely modified Z31 while I was living in Japan ( mainly in the passenger seat though! ) - so I'm not that scornful of them.

On the "280Z" series nomenclature conundrum, Yes - you can ask the advice of the Almighty!

Course, I'm agnostic.

Or maybe even an Atheist.

Or maybe even anti-Theologic.

Beware of false prophets.

Hope you won't be calling off your holiday because of the impending apocalypse. We've already had some of our Japanese customers call off their European trips scheduled for mid-March because their company insurance won't let them fly...............

All the best,

Alan T.

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If there is a god in heaven, war will be declared while I am in Nice and we will be stuckthere! Wouldn't that be dreadful???? You must come and visit! Hope there is some Z's for sale there....

steve (3 days and counting)77/71

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