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What are the widest tyres for these rims??


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Hi all,

I have a set of 70's slotmags and stamped on them are these numbers 6.50 x 14 x 0.355 OUT.

I am assuming 6.50 is the width of the rim in inches, 14 is the diameter of the rim in inches and I do not know what 0.355 out means?? Anyone know?

If a set of 225/60/14 tyres can fit on a rim which is 6 inches wide then whats the maximum tyre width I can go for?? Also bearing in mind that I have the normal 240Z fenders with no extensions.


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Is this for a track car or a daily driver? Either way, look at what the tire MFG specs out for the tire you want. My current setup uses the smallest tire for a certain wheel size, a 195/60 on a 15x7" wheel, that is bead to bead not lip to lip. I am going to step up to 205/50s, but on a street car where you dont care about handling as much a 225 would work fine on a 7" wheel.

As for a 6.5" I wouldn't put a 225 on there, but you could.

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