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Installing Air Dam... problems


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Not so much a problem, as a pain in the a$$

I've removed the front bumper on my 77. I'm now staring at the 2 strut-like apparatus' (apparati?). These are held by 3 bolts on a bracket. These are a COMPLETE bitc& to even begin to deal with. I can't tell whether the nuts (17mm) are welded to the brackets(?). I can't get these, or the 14mm bolts to friggin budge (I'm speaking of the ONE that I can even get a wrench on.)

I'm half tempted to torch 'em off. Being a 77, I'm wondering:

1) Are these strut looking things readily available from MSA or VicBrit?

2) If it even matters, since 77's likely won't ever be THAT valuable as a collector. In the unlikely event that I would consider taking it back to original. (You never know, the PileDriver bumpers might come in vogue!):sick:

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and the shock absorbers for the bumper will come off. if you dont have air tools i feel for you.

try some heat on the nuts bolts if you have torch and then try removing them.

if you have the air dam that replaces the bumper they will have to come off anway.

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This air dam is in place of the bumpers.

I don't have air tools (or patience). Since the bumper will never be re-installed as long as I'm the owner, I'm going to saw or torch. Unless, folks here can convince me it is definitely NOT a good idea.

As implied at the start of the thread, any real enthusiast is going to be looking at 240's and not 280's. Therefore, this car would probably never be a candidate for a frame off restoration. How much damage could I do to the value anyway:ermm:

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To get mine off i got a very long cheater bar. I had an easy time with the 4+ft bar.

Without it they wouldn't budge.

That cause I'm 23 and I am not very weak( i bench press 375lbs.)

How ever I was lucky that i didn't break a bolt, and it may not be such a good idea.

I was also using a craftsman socket set and it held up fine.

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