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Reasonable Genuine Nissan parts for Datsun 240z


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Just bought this 1972 Datsun 240z : 1972 Datsun 240Z Longmont, Colorado | Insight Automotive

I am planning on carrying out a tune up including a change of oil, spark plugs, etc. Anybody know which of these internet websites can provide me a physical catalogue with pictures where i can choose the parts i want such as:

Oil Filter

Oil drain plug washer

Nissan Spark plugs

OEM stock plug wires

Distributor cap

Distributor rotor

pcv valve

Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Valve cover gasket

WHat else will i need to get the tune up complete?

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Check your local Nissan dealer, back in 2000 when I restored my 72, I was quoted prices for fenders $275 to $375 each from a Dealer that was suggested to me. Talked to my local dealer, North Coast Nissan, was charged $175 each. They arrived 3 days later in Nissan boxes, wrapped in Nissan printed plastic bubble wrap. Another time I purchased the throttle & choke cables for my 10/69 Fairlady ZL, was shipped just the choke, they accepted the return. Usually my Dealer can get any part, but sometimes their out of stock or NLA.

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