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i just bought a 73 and wont start


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A little more information/history would help. Like; Has it been sitting in a barn for 14 years. Do you have any experience with old cars? Etc.

To get any kind of response from an engine, you will need Spark, Fuel/air and compression. Basic things to start with are:

1. Does it have spark? Pull a spark plug and check it for spark while someone turns it over.

2. If it has spark. Spray starter fluid (Aerostart) down the air cleaner while someone tries to start it. If it fires, you have a fuel/carb problem.

If it has been sitting a long time, it could have a lot of junk and old fuel in the fuel system. The tank and fuel lines will need cleaning. The filter should be replaced. The carburetors will need attention too.


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