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  1. spiffy240z

    N33 intake on a E88 engine

    Awesome! thank you.
  2. i just got a free set of N33 intake manifolds. i gave them to my neighbor to clean them up and they look brand new. i have an E88 motor, is it possible to use the N33 intake manifold on the motor i have?
  3. spiffy240z

    idle backfire after warmed up

    i just posted a photo of one of the plugs.
  4. spiffy240z

    Got hit Friday night

    Not all of the younger drivers are bad, but i don't drive a honda.
  5. spiffy240z

    idle backfire after warmed up

    i am still learning as i go. what is "advance diaphram & base plate functioning"? from my experience and my neighbor's comments my engine sounds good and is running strong.
  6. spiffy240z

    idle backfire after warmed up

    round top su carbs. i replaced spark plugs & wires, ignition coil, cap, rotor and points 2 months ago. is not on the road yet. also when i let off the gas while driving it backfires as the car's weight pushes the car forward. the backfire when idle is just a loud pop about as loud as the car at 1000 rpm
  7. spiffy240z

    idle backfire after warmed up

    i have a stock 72 240z. after the engine is warmed up and left to idle (700 rpm) every 30-15 seconds it will backfire out of the exhaust. i have searched but did not find the problem i am experiencing. can someone explain what is causing this and how to fix it?
  8. spiffy240z

    Asking price for my 72?

    if i put more money into it then im going to keep it. i do plan on fixing the driver side door handle before i list it on craigslist.
  9. spiffy240z

    Asking price for my 72?

    i bought my z around Christmas. i am about to join the army and i don't have the heart to let it sit even longer. after i bought it i changed the oil, spark plugs, plug wires, disruptor cap, rotor, points, fuel filter and ignition coil. now she is running strong. all the seals need to be redone. the previous owner told me the car was side swiped on the passenger side and backed into in a parking lot on the driver side. i was told there was no frame damage. the biggest rust problem is the passenger floor pan. the spare tire area has a bit of rust due to the dry rotted hatch seals. the frame rails have little to no rust. all matching numbers. l24 with early su carbs. list of small issues: clock does not work seats are ripped dash is cracked both outer door handles snapped( i forgot i locked the driver side, my friend tried to open the passenger side) previous owner lost the radio face. link to 42 pictures: 1972 Datsun 240z Photos by DJspiffyFISH | Photobucket i was just wondering what i should ask for this before i post it. i appreciate your opinions, thanks.
  10. spiffy240z

    New Nissans?

    what happened to this design
  11. spiffy240z

    New Nissans?

    found my daily driver, sunday driver will be my 72.
  12. spiffy240z

    just bought my self a 73 Z having a few issues

    Well I was rushing to get back to my car. Now i'm having issues with my driver side outer door handle. The rod that connects to the door handle, pushes a tap down to open the door. The rod keeps popping out of the tap. Is there supposed to be a nut at the end of the rod to prevent that?
  13. spiffy240z

    just bought my self a 73 Z having a few issues

    my neighbor helped me brake open the glove box and take off the door panels. now the brakes are getting better the more i use them but i still plan on rebuilding them. im going to tear off the dash and post some pictures to see what im working with.
  14. spiffy240z

    just bought my self a 73 Z having a few issues

    i got the hatch unlocked after removing the panel. when removing the door panels how do you take off the inner handle and window arm?
  15. spiffy240z

    Datsun 240Z

    Datsun 240Z

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