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Has anyone seen this?


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Just started digging into latest Series 1 purchase and found a small plywood tag with wire hooked onto small hole at top. This was under spare tire. Front face looks like this


Did not think much of it. But as I dug deeper into car's identification, I realized this tag is original to this car. My VIN matches 3rd row number


The original color is 907 Racing Green which matches 4th row number. Even though PO painted it black, you can tell it was Racing Green as seen here


The car is automatic which must be what the first row is saying. And export destined for USA

The back of the tag looks like this


8/21 must be paint date as this car has 08/70 production date

I think this tag was a routing ticket used in paint dept @ the factory. Notice the gray primer covering over the black writing. This tag was on the car as it was being sprayed.

Is my imagination going wild or could this be early form of routing ticket used @ the factory. I be curious to know if anyone else ran across something like this.


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Lucky your not the only one that has found these in the same place on their car on this site. They were used used in the production, but I don't know much else about them and why you find them in some of the cars. I would need to know more about the production of the car for this before I fathom a guess.

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I'm new to Z culture and feel lucky to have found this car. If it were not for this forum, where I picked up enough information to decipher car's identification numbers, I may have missed the significance of this tag. I could have easily tossed it to trash pile along with worn out carpeting I was pulling.

Thanks everyone for the info. Looks like I have a car worth restoring


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