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Bushing Kits..


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Does anyone have any recommendations as to who to buy from?? Looking for a good deal. I have seen the ones offered at www.strictlyz.com and this looks to be the best deal I have found so far. Opinions please..

Does this forum support group buys? If Mike approves, and enough of us are interested maybe we can get a discount on a group purchase???



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I really like your thinking ! Lets save a few dollars buying from a non Z Car supporter . StrictlyZ puts on car shows and generally helps the Z car community

Kyle has provided a free web site " Zdriver.com" for years . If we all stopped buying from out Vendors in order to save 5 to 10 dollars then eventually they would go away. I am very biased about

buying from Z vendors. For one thing Kyle

has helped me with some stuff ., and I help him out when he needs something.

I am not trying to start a flame war. Just trying to let people know that Nissan is not making the parts we were used to getting and that our vendors will have to

pick up the slack.

Take Care,


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I agree that it's a good idea to buy from Zcar community supporters - I have never dealt with strictly Z and didn't realize they support shows and zdriver.com. 24oz was asking for prices and I threw one out.


ps next time save the sarcasm till you're sure the recipient really deserves it!

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but i have dealt with the guys at www.suspension.com and i have always had nothing but good things to say about them ie shipping pakaging and delivery.

very freindly and customer oriented. i have bought 5 kits from them. always the right kit everytime and always great service.

not syaing we should turn away from the Z specific vendors. but if you dont buy from the others that do have parts still available for our cars well guess what they will no longer stock them.

what does that get you, one less source to buy parts from

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