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Starting an engine for the first time in 6 yrs


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Hey guys...can you direct me to a thread I saw mentioned but cannot find by "Carl" on starting an engine that has not been started for six years?....I'm not very knowledgeable(obvious) but don't want to mess this thing up. 1978 280z ran well when parked...the plugs and wires are new and a light weight oil sprayed int top of cylinders after last run...have new fuel filter and will change gas...any guidance is appreciated!

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I'd put in one of these after draining the old fuel, Z Car Tech Tips Fram G3 Filter Installation, there a few dollars at walmart. Then replace the metel can filter in the engine bay, mounted on the passenger's side behind the radiator. Check all the fuel line clamps and the fuel line itself, also make sure all the vacuum lines are good and that the ends aren't cracked. Check the plug ins on the injectors to make sure they're seated and clipped on and clean them too. If you see any green on the copper clean it. Clean all your electrical connections, http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/electricalconnections/index.html. Hell, do pretty much anything on this page and you'll benefit, Tech Tips. Take your time, things break really easy.

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