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Dropping 83 ZX Motor Into My 77 Z

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I'm going to replace the motor in my 77 Z with one from from an 83 ZX and I'm trying to figure out what parts I should use from the 77 and which parts I should use from the 83. Two of the specific areas of decision making are the intake and exhaust manifolds...

The 83 intake manifold is webbed while my 77 is not. Anyone know why Datsun started webbing the intake manifolds? Is that for heat? Strength? Something else? Given a choice, which is better?

The 83 exhaust manifold has an O2 sensor while my 77 does not. Are there performance gains to be had by switching over to the ZX fuel injection controller that uses the O2 sensor or does it not really matter?

Basically I'm trying to build the best motor from the two and I would like to keep it looking like a 77, but if there are compelling reasons to use 83 specific parts beyond block, head, timing cover and oil pan, then I'd like to hear about it.

Should I be asking these questions in the first gen or second gen forums? Maybe I should post in both...

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