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stubborn shimmy finally fixed


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I had a strange shimmy in my rt front wheel for quite a while

that just seemed to get worse and worse as time went by.

I was starting to get a strange scuffed wear pattern on the outside

edge of the tire too. When making turns into parking lots or turning corners i'de hear a popping noise. Then in the final round the

tire started shaking. Shaking so much that it started to shake

the trans oil out of the strut. I first thought loose strut. Tightened

down the gland nut. No fix. Tightened the steering rack hold downs. No fix. Then replaced the strut with good one.No fix. Then tightened down the wheel bearing. No fix. Then rotated the front tire to the back. A little improvement but wheel still had popping noise and sloppy steering and shake.

Finally took off the hub and inspected the wheel bearings. Didn't

look bad to me. A little scuffing but nothing that jumped out at me

as a bad bearing. I then replaced the whole hub with another

and the noise and shimmy were finally gone.

I hope this helps someone else that has a stubborn wheel shake they can't find. Mileage on the car is about 150,000 so thats probably the max you want to put on the front wheel bearings.


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I'd say it has a lot more to do with road conditions, driving styles and even if the wheel bearings were left loose for some time.

My sadly wrecked 240Z had over 425,000 hard miles and those spindles and hubs are on my current 240.

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