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1970 Z EU and US spec differences


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I know that the coil plate for the spring is welded at a different height on the strut towers. I have seen a thread (cant find it now) with two coil plates on the rear strut tower. The poster was wondering why the other plate was much lower and why it was there in the first place. That was because someone found a Euro strut and fitted it to a US spec 240Z. Probably because he damaged the lower part of the strut and could reuse the coil plate on the euro strut.

The euro spec also uses the roadster 5speed.

Australia also used mostly the euro spec which might help.

Remember euro spec can change per country in Europe. Mostly turn signals / parking lights and such.


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Yep, Im trying to make a timeline for the engines in the US market, but its turning out to be harder than I expected. There is lots of info for the US models, but its not all that reliable.

I would imagine the Europeanen market would be more challenging. You just have to keep slowly working at it.

Goodluck with it and if I find anything Ill let you know.


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