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Ignition Switch problem


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Gentlemen; when I turn my key to the lock position my starter engages. I've replaced the switch with a used unit and a new unit with no change. Other than that little issue the wiring seems to be fine. Has this happened to anyone before? I'm going to dig into the wiring next week, but I can't see how the ignition switch can't be the culprit.

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I love a good mystery.

When you say the starter engages, does it crank continuously when you put the key to the lock position, and does it everytime? Does it stay cranking when you pull the key out? Do you have to go all the way to lock before this occurs

Pull the switch off the back again, and with the key in the cylinder, grab the little retangular tab in the back that goes into the switch with your fingers and work the key from Lock to Start. Does the tab move in perfect sync?

With the switch in your hand, but hooked up to the wiring, use a flat blade and pretend you're the key. Does it work normally in all positions? No hanky panky when in the Lock position?

THe only electrical "connection" between the lock position and wiring harness is the two (black) wires on the side of the lock with male spade connectors that work thewarning buzzer with the key in. You didn't hook them up to something you shouldn't have did you? Are they pinched in the mounting of the lock somehow?

There's some ideas to mull over.

and its not Winterpeg now, its mosquitopeg....

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The new switch seems to be faulty. A buddy gave me switch from another datsun (620 or something like that). It does not have the issue that the new switch and the old stock switch have which is a small contact point where the start switch gets powered just before the full lock position. Still not sure on this..............

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