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My $12 Front Carpet ^_^


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I had been looking for front mats for my 240Z for the last few months and only found one pair of ratty ones on eBay selling for over $20. Not wanting to buy a new carpet set just yet I got to thinking about making my own, only the automotive carpet they sell for $15~$20 at the auto parts stores isn't really that nice and would probably fray on the edges without the piping stuff sewn on.

So I stopped by my local home improvement store and found these bitchin mats for like $6.00 each!



They aren't quite all black and have a texture to them but they are backed with a rubber like material and seem very durable. Took some measurements and cut out a cardboard template for test fitting.


Finished rough cut mat ready for trial fit:


And the final fit in the car, looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Heck of a lot better than my rusty floorboards with duct tape covering the holes where im missing plugs and the various small rust holes ;-)


Not bad for $12 and an hour of my time!

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Thanks guys. Well one unintended side affect of the mats is they stink to high heaven! OMG!!! Got in the car this morning and there was a faint odor of some chemical and rubber. Well after being closed up at work all day, WOW that stuff stinks! Took them out and washed em with Krud Cutter, and lots of rinsing. Hopefully they wont smell so darn bad in a day or two. LOL

Still like them though, I'm sure the smell will fade with a little time.

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