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new keys


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Full sets show up on eBay now and then.

The best approach would be to buy a new ignition switch WITH keys (& steering lock collar) on Ebay and pay a mechanic to install it for you.

Next, take a door apart (take the window crank and armrest off, pull the trim off) and pull one of the door locks out. Take it to a locksmith and have them make you keys for it. Should only be $35 or so.

If you do this FIRST, you may get lucky and have that same key work in the ignition.

You may end up with two different keys, one for doors, and the other for ignition, and that's a good thing because a theif can't slide-hammer a lock out of your door, go and make a key, and have it work in your ignition.

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good ideal thank you

firedan - why buy new locks when you just need keys fitted to your existing locks ?

Please just phone a decent locksmith that still does cars in your area.

No I won't quote pricing - but one call, half hour's labour , 2 keys later- done.

I am a locksmith so it's free advice from a pro ! ;)

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