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Alternator upgrade question (specific)

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Hi everybody,

So I am wondering if anyone has used the alternator upgrade KIT from MSA?

Motorsport! 60-Amp Alternator Upgrade Kit, 70-73 240Z - The Z Store! Nissan-Datsun 240Z-260Z-280Z-280ZX-300ZX(Z31/Z32)-350Z-370Z Parts

Is that alternator decent, or should I really get a rebuilt-280-one? Any recommendations of an alternator that is compatible and good quality, but not too expensive?


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The alternators featured in that kit are rebuilt 280Z alternators. It also comes with a plug to jumper out your voltage regulator.

As for what is compatible, there are many different swaps that have been done, including a GM 1-wire alternator. Quality? How much do you trust rebuilt alternators? I did a swap 12 years ago with an Autozone rebuild and still have that alternator. YMMV.

Note that the plug MSA includes is offered by itself, as well. It is very convenient for the upgrade.

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I bought an early 80's ZX alternator from Auto Zone for $40.00 with a lifetime warranty. I bought the adaptor plug directly from Dave Irwin (he makes them for MSA. I have had no problems with the modification.

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