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Datsun 2050-Z project thread

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Project thread for the 2050-Z:


I bought this 280z in Summer 2011.

The original ad on Craigslist:

1977 Datsun 280Z - (Bellingham)

Date: 2011-07-24, 11:03AM PDT http://bellingham.cr...2510772069.html

Well I never thought I would get rid of her but she needs someone thats going to drive her more often.

This car is an absolute blast to drive. It handles great, runs strong and smooth. Great to take out on Chuckanut or go cruise in the county.

Couple of notes:

- I have the original factory manual.

- I have the original factory wheel blocks.

- I think the spare tire is original.

- I have a spare hood from an earlier model w/out the hood vents that comes with the car.

- The car has the original mag wheels and these specific wheels are hard to find. They are very sought after in the Z community and I have had shops ask to buy or trade them in.

If you are here then you probably know something about Zs so I wont educate about these cars and just give a list of what I have replaced or upgraded. I bought this car to drive it, not show it, so I have not done anything to the exterior. Its hard to find one of these today that hasnt either been restored and someone is asking alot for it, or is a rust bucket. This one falls right in the middle. Runs great but is a great beginner project if someone wanted to take it to the next level. It runs great.

Year: 1977

Make: Datsun

Model: 280Z (2 Seater)

Mileage: 169,000

All of these items have been replaced or upgraded over the stock parts:

-Tokico Shocks and Springs (lowered car approx 1-2 inches)

-4 piston Toyota brake calipers installed on the front

-Pioneer DEH-P3800mp CD player with MP3/WMA playback

-Stainless steel brake lines are installed

-Stainless steel clutch hose

-Valve Cover was powder coated a gun metal grey awhile ago

-Polyurethane master bushing kit from Energy suspension. All the bushings under the car have been replaced and the ride is very tight

-It has a 6 into 1 exhaust header that was ceramic coated at a friends shop.

-Complete mendrel bent exhaust system built by Z specialities

-EGR has been removed and blocked off

-Rebuilt fuel injectors

-Fuel lines and fuel rail back to the filter

-Fuel Filter

-Spark plugs and wires

-Battery was replaced about a month ago

-New Distributor cap and rotor

-Radiator has been taken out, flushed and pressure tested and came back fine


-Air Regulator

-MSD 3 Blaster Coil

-Door seals have been replaced

-Fuel injection system and mass airflow sensor was calibrated by Z-Sport in Everett

-Brand new Carpet kit installed

-Just replaced the air intake hoses (middle of June) from the air box to the MAF and from there to the intake manifold and it idles great now, the old hoses had a slight vacuum leak.

Couple of other things:

-Intake manifold has been hot tanked and is very clean

-Engine was compression tested and the results were great: 5 cylinders above 160, one at 155

This car is not perfect, couple of things the next owner would need to know:

-The body has a few dings, nothing major but would need some TLC.

-Car does get a little damp inside in the winter.

-Drivers side rear tire rubs slightly on hard right turns. Might need an adjustment.

-Someone broke the antennae off recently

-There are some minor surface rust in places but nothing major. I have been inside and out and under this car doing a lot of work and the underbody and floorboards are fine.

-Previous owner backed into something on the back passenger, he repainted over it but would need some smoothing out. I have taken a picture of this area specifically.

Cash Only. I have invested much more into this than I am asking. This is not a desperation sale so please dont lowball me. Only inquire if youre a seriously interested, if someone doesnt buy it I will continue to drive and enjoy this car and eventually drop a V-8 or something similar into it.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

I have plenty of more pictures, email me if you want to see them.















Datsun 2050-Z - Imgur

A good start! More to come...

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  • 2 months later...

Just back from the shop.

- Fuel filler area rust repaired.

- Rear 280z bumper filler valence rust repaired.

- Left hatch area rust reapaired.

- Dents on rear passenger side straightened.

- Rear Sidemarker lights deleted!



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