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Anyone know what these enkei wheels are?

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I am not 100% sure those are Enkei wheels. They do have E center caps. Are there any other markings on them? They look more like a wheel that Eagle or Centerline used to make. As far as what they are worth, throw them up for $350 OBO on Craigslist and see if you get any offers. Realistically I would see getting no more than $200 for the set and that is if they are all in good shape. The 14x7 wheel market is shrinking as a lot of guys are going to 15" and 16" wheels.

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Ok thanks and sorry for the crappy photos I'm just at work an decided to make a post, the first pick is my car with the enkei center and the second car is a wheel off google images also with enkei centercaps so I assumed unless people like to swap centercaps for fun that they are enkei wheels. Ill try to post up some better shot s tonight. I'm hoping they're worth something and those tires are brand new 95% tread, I'd like to get some rota grid classics ^.^

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Many wheel makers made that style, and the Enkei caps fit several brands. That style was originally introduced by Enkei (Type 26, aka "sawblades") in the early to mid-90's and quickly copied by others. The true Enkei version is different in construction. Most of the copies were one-piece cast wheels with fake rivets. Fairly thick lips. A few of the copies were two-piece wheels, a cast center welded into a rolled barrel, again with fake rivets. Enkeis will have bright anodized lips with clearcoat over the center. They were far more popular on trucks than cars.

Real Enkeis were true 3-piece wheels, with a center, outer & inner barrels bolted together, and then welded in the air chamber to seal them for tubeless tires. So in addition to having the Enkei logo cast in the back side of the center, only real Enkeis will have nuts on the back side.

Value? If the finish is original and in great shape, they may be worth something, but finding a buyer for a 14" wheel is a bit tough these days. Don't expect to pay for your Rotas...

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