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Help me find my RED 1978 280z LIC Plate 4BYE493 VIN HLS30451511

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Hello there my name is Connor Skific I'm a 22 year old from Long beach, CA. I recently have decided to try and find my old Z that I owned when I was 18, I loved that car so much, but I had to sell it for financial reasons. I sold it to a Phillipino kid from the Inland Empire who seemed to be very enthusiastic about the car and I was sure she was going to a good home, alas the last I had heard she was in an impound lot with me still the registered owner and fees totaling more than I had sold the car for. I know this is a long shot, but I was hoping someone had seen the car somewhere as carfax does not seem to accept the 11 digit VIN. I'd like to show the car the care she deserved when I was younger as I can actually afford to take care of her now. Any info would be greatly appreciated.











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Found out that it has been smogged since I owned it back in 2011, but looks like it hasn't been smogged since =/ anyone know how to trace a smog certificate? I'm thinking it was probably sold by lien sale and the new owner had trouble smogging probably was sold a few times before it got to the guy who could smog it in 2011. Maybe the smog shop will still have his phone number on file LOL


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If it is still registered in your name and you did not write down the buyers info then the trail is pretty cold at this point. Are you wanting to contact the buyer to let him know where the car is? If so try putting an ad on CL or just post it up on Facebook. You never know where your paths might cross.

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The same thing happened to me when I sold my 1998 Camaro z28 to a guy from Pasadena. He hadn't transferred the title to his name and I started getting $90-110 dollar parking tickets. The interesting thing is that I did fill-out and mailed the title transfer form on the back of my pink slip. I guess the DMV never paid attention to it.

I had to contact a few times the local parking authorities there letting me know of who owned the vehicle. Finally for a few months I stopped getting the parking tickets. One day I received a letter from the impound place asking me since I was the last registered owner, if I would be interested in purchasing the car back from them for the amount owed to them (over $1,500).

I called them back next day (I had over $3,000 invested in engine/intake/suspension alone) wanting to get my car for this amount to find out that the owner finally had showed up and paid the fees! :-(

Assuming your car is still at the impound lot, maybe, you can contact the impound business owner and offer him/her the amount you can afford to pay? Or stop by and negotiate in person? Just a thought.

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I think we all miss our first Z. I'd pay dearly to have mine back...but 1985 was a long time ago :)

Personaly i wouldnot pay much for th first one I had sold it 22 years ago and it was already a rust bucket

So i prefer the one i have now. It is in greater shape.

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