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Engine Kits!! Where can you be???


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I've said it before, but if I'm rebuilding an engine, I don't want to buy some kit where the parts were selected by someone else. You don't know what you are getting. Who made the gaskets? The bearing shells or rings? No, when I rebuild I want to select all my own parts. The convenience of buying a single kit does not out-weigh my need to select the best parts for my needs.

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That's whats nice about these guys is you get to see whats in the kit. Can even have them put together as a custom config. for you.

I'm rebuilding an engine now and some engine parts are getting rare to find unless you have them made. Even Dave over at Robello has to dig around to find certain engine peices for our cars.

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The one from rpmrons.com for $625 is pretty much what I bought from rockauto.com, picking and choosing myself, for $600. Everything was standard size too. Also a new set of Standard fuel injectors.

I typed too soon. rpmrons $423 kit looks more like it, no pistons or wrist pins either, my originals were in good shape. Also bought the high volume oil pump from Advanced, Melling M52 If I remember right.

Got an email from zcarsource http://www.zcarsource.com/specials.html looks like a good deal.

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