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E-Brake Cable Replacement (Dorman #C92592)


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I replaced my E-brake cable due to 36 years of stretching. Job was not all that hard considering past work done to the Datsun. I have spent many hours trying to find a bigger hammer. ;) I ordered the Raybestos (BC92952) brake cable from Summit Racing and ended up getting a universal part made by Dorman (C92592). Don't worry Summit was willing to send out the Raybestos cable if this one didn't work. I did have to make some mods to the Dorman cable but very little. I had to grind down the ends about 1/8 inch to get clearance. I also had to use the ends off of the old cable. This was not a problem as it was just cutting a slit on the end of the original cable. I was disappointed that the cable had no type of shielding as the original did and the cable was also very stiff/dry. I did take some oil and forced it through the housing to free up some movement of the cable. The cable fit perfect and works great. I did have to unadjust :cool: all the adjustment screws/bolts and pull just a bit so it would fit. Over all the project was not difficult. I would say about a 4 out of 10. I am also a garage mechanic who has many years of working on this type of car.









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Great info to have and could serve as a plan A or plan B depending on what others are doing with theirs. I found the one below on Ebay, runs $75 to your door but has the ends already on it. The Dorman cable looks to be around $65 - $100 depending on where you buy it from.

Datsun Fairlady Z 240Z 260z 280z 2SEAT Hand Brake 2 Cables New | eBay

My cable has stretched and has a few broken rusty steel stands in it. I plan on doing the repair below since I have a MIG welder.


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The Ebay auction seems to be a nice cable.

I have bought from gira7777 before. He is a good seller.

His product was great and shipping was about normal for that area.

2 to 4 weeks to receive it.

As I remember his item was drop shipped to my address in the states.

Good luck on your Cable replacement. Take us some pictures..

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Here is my thread with pics of my parking brake cable repair. They are down towards the bottom. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/open-zcar-discussion/47863-lime-green-machine-restoration-thread-1972-240z-3.html

In regards to the hangers, are you talking about the springs that suspend the cable from the car above the diff or something else?

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