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No right T/S


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My right T/S just quit working! The hazard switch works and lights up all 4 corners, the left T/S works, the flasher units are good (brand new), the hazard switch had R&R done about 2 months ago. The T/S flasher clicks when on left but no dash or T/S lights, bulbs are all good. I've done a search on the site but no firm answers. I've had to jumper 4 of the wires over the connector in the pass.side left side (I know its not the best fix, but I'm waiting on some new connectors) for wires that were pulled out of the connector. It seems to me that if the hazard works and there is power to the flasher unit that the next step is pull the T/S switch off the steering column and give the once over. Right or wrong?

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From your description, the problem most likely revolves around the turn signal switch.

This should help guide you: Turn Signal Repair | Fiddling With Z Cars

The main difference is that in the 260Z and 280Z, the turn signal did not interact with the brake light circuit, so ignore the part about the brake lights.

If you do not feel comfortable with taking apart the switch, contact Dave Irwin, aka Zs-ondabrain. He will repair it at a reasonable cost.

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I forgot to add earlier, you can blast the area around the turn signal cancellation tab with brake cleaner then with a light bit of spray grease. That may free it up to spring up and down. there are other work-arounds as well.

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