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Cleaning out the garage! This and that 240Z parts


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Hey guys, I hope this isn't out of line, but I'm in the process of cleaning out the garage, which includes some Z parts I have. Didn't want you to miss out on these wheels if you want them.

Vintage Alloy Wheel Set 4 x 4 5 14 inch 240Z Triumph Others | eBay

I put a ridiculously low reserve on them that has already been met, so they will sell. I've also got a pair of door panels (1970-1973 240Z) that I never unwrapped. They were purchased from Motorsports. Retail price on them is about $660, so if you make me an offer I can't resist, I'd like to get these out too.

Some other nic/nacks

1. Clutch Master and Slave cylinders

2. OEM Voltage Regular cover (faded/yellowed, but otherwise in good condition). Noticed you can buy a replacement from Motorsports now.

3. Flannel (indoor) cover. Hardly used. High Quality

4. Lower radiator hose

5. oil pan gasket

6. valve cover gasket

7. Quarter window gaskets (left and right side)

8. One floor mat (who knows where the other one is!)

9. Steering Wheel Horn Hub (slightly cracked on the inside, but I believe it still snaps on ok)

10. Water pump pulley (it's been replated)


Anyway, if your interested in some or all or it, I'm anxious to find it a new home, cheap! Either PM me or email me bccal@msn.com


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