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Wiper Arm Mfrs.


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This is more of a trivia question, not dealing with a problem.

The wiper arms on my car (original) have 55L and 55R stamped on the underside - nothing else. On the topside, right at the pivot is a very light stamp with "AE" in a half-moon shape. Another set of arms I have has multiple stampings on the underside, including 55L and 55R, plus "MADE IN JAPAN" with " NWB LIC. TRICO" under it.; nothing stamped on the topside The two sets of arms are identical in all other respects.

So... does anyone have some insight into the background of what seems to be two different mfrs. of these arms? Are they from different generations of cars?

Thanks for any contributions.


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Found this weird document:

The use of moisturizers and cleansers are appealing to most women because the facial products give strong protection against the harsh effects of the environment on a person's skin. Since the face is the most exposed part of the body, it is then necessary to use a complete set of facial wash, toner, and moisturizer to battle the harmful effects. That's why your girlfriend or wife is not complete without this daily regimen. And this causes you to think, what about automotive moisturizers, then? Is there something you can do to wipe or clean the windshield-also known as the car's face? Yes, there is. And NWB can help you out with that by giving you an alternative to windshield moisturizers.

True to its name, Nippon Wiper Blade Co. Ltd. is considered as the leader when it comes to wiper blades. The company was founded in 1965 with a mere capital of 450 million yen only. That's still relatively small if you want to conquer the whole world with sharp blades-windshield wiper blades, that is. But NWB slashed other competitors to pieces by becoming the forerunner in the wiper blade industry, bringing their products to thousands of automotive distributors around the world. Hence, the company even coined a new acronym for their label-New Worldwide Brand.

So how would the wiper blades from this company protect your windshield? There's no difference between an NWB wiper blade and a generic one, right? That's downright wrong. Since the windshield is the 'face' of the car and is exposed to dirt, dust, tree saps, and bird droppings on a regular basis-read: every minute of everyday-then a wiper blade is necessary equipment to free the surface from all those grime. And, that's not all. The brand's wiper blades also ensure maximum visibility and clear driving vision because it also wipes away snowflakes and water droplets from the glass during snowy and rainy days.

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