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Shimming lash pads instead of buying multiple sizes??


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Hi, I am going to be getting a new cam or a regrind, and rebuilding the whole head in general, so I had a question regarding finding the correct lash pad. I understand doing the wipe test etc., however in everything I've read it says to try lash pads until you find the right size. Since I don't have different sized lash pads lying around, and it would be a pain to order multiple lash pads and wait for them, is there a way to shim the original lash pad and find the correct size like that? and then just purchase the set of the size I need? I understand that it is recommended to check every single rocker, and each pad size may differ if the valve stems aren't aligned to the same height. Thanks for any help with this!

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I can't see any reason not to use shims - to set things up and measure the correct height. Most Regrind Cam sellers will tell you what size lash pads should be used with their Cams in that engine - I'd be a little concerned if they don't know.. I'd also be a little concerned if I had head work done and the valve stems were not at the same height..


Carl B.

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This is exactly what I did to get my correct lash pad size. I initially ordered a .160 pad and did my wipe test but it was off so I had some old feeler guages that I cut up and used as shims along with my .160 pad until I got my correct size based on the wipe pattern.


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