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E-tek ... I'd say mine is worth about the same as a '71 .... I don't have the matching motor, my car came with a '73 motor.

Mike ... Until now I have not replaced any surfaces that contain crucial mounting locations. I will have to locate the tension but there are dimensions available for those. The frame rails that I received from Zedd had mounting holes for the cross member already predrilled. I used some simple channel iron to make sure the frame rails are spaced properly, parallel and in the same horizontal plane. The dimensions for the frame rail width can be gotten from the service manual.

Having said that my build thread might end here, I am no longer seeing the end of the tunnel...I ran into an issue with alignment of my fabricated fender well piece the firewall and the frame rail. But even if I figure out how to solve the inner-fender/frame-rail/firewall interface, I still have to replace the floors, the inner rocker panels, the outer rocker panels, full rear quarters, both rear inner fenders and the rear hatch panel, plus the car was rear ended so there is a slight bulge in the rear floor.

When done, i'd like to track the car and I think that through each corner I'd be wondering if I welded each seam correctly...

My goal for the car is to have a fun sports car to take to track days on a sunday. I don't really care to have a low vin car, i would have been happy with a 72 or a 73 but when i was buying i thought it would be great to make this one survive. If anyone is close and is interested in taking over pm me, else the car may be scrapped.

I can understand your point, I've tried saving a 73 with a non matching engine before with no end in sight, then I decided it was best to look for a more solid one, ended up with a 71. Best is to look for a more solid base to start with ( almost no rust and 95% intact interior and engine is the way to go ).

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