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C110 Sedan build


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Hi guys just some pics of my 240K sedan currently a work in progress....

When I got it, rust was pretty bad around the rear screen, this section cut out, re-fabricated and welded. The car was quite a mess, ie bush basher, but was very straight and completely original manual car.

I've just finished spraying last week, original colour in acrylic (yep but not too bad for a home job, I'm pretty happy with my rub back, cut & polish skills) :), standard L24 completely re-built as well with 5 speed, I'll be fitting a single Weber downdraft 38 DGMS to it.

Now the car is sprayed and back home, I can start work on the underside & interior, brakes, bushings, etc etc.

The car will remain standard except for the Weber carb, exhaust, and wheels. Hope to have it on the road in the next few months.








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Mastad, yeah how'd you go with the wheels? :)

Drew, in a sense yeah, pretty straight for a paddock basher I'll admit, nowhere as bad as the red one you scored not long ago!

I've managed to find another in NSW I saw a while back when driving through, will be picking up in a fortnight, 16hr round trip to get a 240K these days. Whenever out driving out in the country now I find myself looking round every farm very extra closely for signs, who'd have thought we'd get so desperate!:surprised

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