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  1. There's quite a bit to it though. All Australian imports go via the UAE. To get a car registered in Kuwait it has to be LHD. This means getting the car registered in the UAE as a right hand drive first, completing the steering conversion, then driving across the boarder to reregister and sell for the big bucks in Kuwait. Surely this creates a paper trail, and eats into the profit margins when selling an 11K Australian K. Uras1 is probably right though, where there is strong market demand for something, illicit or no, there's a way. Look at drugs, for example.
  2. News just in. Apparently Kuwait has banned the importation of second hand cars (including half cuts) built after 1973. I can't find any news articles to support this, but heard a local exporter of 240K to the middle east bemoaning the loss of his side business. Although there is a fan base in other gulf states, and plenty of local enthusiasts (including Arabs) living in Australia, you may see the outrageous purchase prices settle down some. Or looking at ebay this week, maybe not!
  3. $10,000 already, with no shots of engine bay, interior, or anything like a meaningful description. Faaark.
  4. Wow. I wonder if it's a full Kameri 3.1 (looks like a Kameri distributor) or a bitza. Either way, it's a lot to pay, and you still have to deal with the tacky Japanese interior mods. Still... very cool.
  5. $15,000 is a lot to ask of an Australian buyer, but the ad is down now. Be very interested to know who got it/how much it went for.
  6. He's specified Australian buyers only too.
  7. Somali pirates are mostly into short wheelbase Hilux utes, but you take what you can get on the high seas.
  8. I've never really understood why Japan doesn't import the Australian 240k back to Japan. Maybe their customs/import laws are a dog. Looking at Yahoo auctions Japan a good c110 goes for similar money to the middle east, but I've yet to ever hear of one going 'home'.
  9. A good 240k RHD can always go to the UAE, get restored and rego as RHD, converted to LHD, driven to Kuwait and reregistered as LHD. Legally, from what I hear. A 240K would have to be appalling to get half cut these days, but C210 and 280zx are most likely to get chopped up as spares.
  10. Truthfully, there's plenty of well restored C110/C210 in Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia that don't get turned into burnout machines as well... http://www.q8hp.com/jap_Skyline_GT_R_Main.htm They fetch some amazing money. There wouldn't be a car in that lot going for under 15K.
  11. Absolutely. Despite the similar running gear, weight, size, and shape, a C210 is likely to fetch half of a 240K in same-same condition, and the poor old ADM MR30 half of the c210 again. This has very much to do with overseas demand. If that C210 is clean and reasonably priced snap the thing up. It'll never go searching for a home for long.
  12. Driveable doesn't mean much as the running gear has so little value. A good body and interior is really special, and overseas demand has driven the price up a fair bit, but not to the extent of 240ks. An overall ok car... $1000 bargain - $3000 ok - $4000 too much. A super clean car... $3000 to $4000. I had a go at selling my c210 a year back, couldn't get anywhere near decent coin for it.
  13. Ill sell you a nice 240k sedan for $10,000.
  14. I somehow ended up with a spare set. PM me.
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