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New z, e88head w/l26 block.any thoughts?


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post-23165-14150820512115_thumb.jpghi guys,

sold my 73 basket case last year, just purchased what i would consider a complete rarity up in my part of the woods. solid early s30 in excellent condition very little rust.

anyways, i'm going to post some pics some time soon, but the first thing i noticed on my newly purchased 72, is it has an L26 block with E88 head.

took a look at the previous threads, but would anyone be able to shorten my search with info on this config?

i would think this basically says my 240, has a 260 block correct?

also, what's up with the e88 story. was it offered on the l26?

motor has dome top su's and runs not bad, but havent dug too deep yet as ive only owned for couple days.

any help or links to prev threads would be great, thanks folks.

ok, here's a photo

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L26 with E88 head is the original configuration.

There were at least 3 different configurations of the E88 castings.

Very late model 71 240Z

1972 model 240Z

The 73 240Z & 74 260Z

The 71/72 E88 has the same combustion chamber design as the earlier E31 - only with larger volume

The 73/74 E88 is a different combustion chamber design - mostly for emission control.

The only way to tell them all apart is to look at the combustion chambers, and measure the volume.

See: http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/E31andE88Heads.htm


Carl B.

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