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Fuel Pumping Out of the Tank Fill Point


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"Tank Fill Point" (where you put the gas in) ... Last week I filled my tank and noticed the smell of gas driving down the road. I'm at a stop light and I think the young lady rolling down her window wants to comment on how neat my car is;).... Instead, she tells me I have gas leaking out of my gas cap area.:ermm:

It took a while of repeatedly shutting down and letting the gas settle, starting it up only to still have it pumping gas up and out of the fill point.... finally got in and drove home a few miles hoping I wasn't going to blow up.

It stopped and hasn't happened again, but then I'm afraid to fill it up and have it repeat the problem, so I've been only putting 10gals in at a time.


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Post the year and model of your Z. In the meantime, has someone (PO) fiddled with the fuel system, specifically the Vapor Tank in the back? Have you inspected the fuel AND evap lines around the tank? Is your cap in good shape? I am sorry to just throw things out for thought, but we had to start somewhere.

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The gasoline might be expanding after you fill up and causing an over-filled condition. Since the gas is stored underground it is typically cooler than the air temp on a hot day. Gas expands as it warms up. If you "top-off" the tank there is not much room for expansion and the tank becomes over filled.

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