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Vintage racing weekend - Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, several Zs and 510s running

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Just got back from Elkhart Lake last night for VSCDA's vintage racing weekend. Camped at the track, fought a bit of rain but had one of the best weekends of the season. An absolute blast and (shamefully) not that crowded. There were at least four Zs running (one BRE) but I was only able to meet one driver and his name eludes me right now, but a very cool guy (#84, a '72 240z in red and white, full roll cage and suspension mods but with stock drivetrain per SCCA, I believe). He ran strong all weekend but I don't see any results posted anywhere yet.

There was also a red 240z, #57 with Celica wheels that was running very hard and strong (could only peep at the engine through a popped but not lifted hood), but it looked sweet and also appeared to have exhaust running pretty much straight back. He dropped out in the final race but I didn't see what happened.

I didn't bring my Z but we did get some touring laps in an '08 Saab 9-3 AWD turbo wagon, total blast.

At any rate, I'll but uploading some photos and videos as I go through them over the next day or so. Was anyone else from the forum there?

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I was there, didn't get to bring my z though. there is another vintage race in the spring that usually brings a big crowd and 4-5 z's. I have also seen a couple z's running in the June sprints that they have at road America as well. neat to see the older cars running at the same time as newer stuff in the June sprints.

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Definitely a great place to bring the kids, especially if they like camping and loud cars! Which I always did as a kid... There was a Cheetah running headers to short sidepipes that was a killer in its group. I was about 10 feet away when it fired up in the paddock and I almost dropped my beer! Almost...

Here are two of the Zs that I was able to find in the paddock:


#84 was a bit held back in the class due to running a stock drivetrain for SCCA, but the car was really done up well, came through the corners very nicely, and he had some really interesting comments about running 14" vs. 15" wheels with the stock set-up. Said he wished he'd kept 14" because they are much faster out of the corner and his shift points were much lower (400 RPM lower). Makes sense. Also corroborates why BRE still recommends 14" wheels for Z cars...

#57 was a monster all weekend, running not too far behind a really slick Porsche Carrera, but I don't know what happened to him in the last race.

I'll try and upload some videos to youtube and get some links up pronto.



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The change in wheel diameter is essentially the easiest gear change you can do. I agree that 14" wheels really liven up the Z but unfortunately, tire selection has made the 14" wheel obsolete for me... I run 15" at the track and autocross and will probably get some 16X7 or 8 street wheels.

Nice pics guys... I love Road America!

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Went to the vintage event at Watkins Glen last weekend, had a great time. I took my e36 m3 (240z has a ways to go before driveability) but my dad took his 71 240z. He's 60, bought & restored it 32 or 33 years ago! We've been going to that weekend every year for almost 25 years, it's great.

Every Friday, after a great ~3.5 hour cruise through rural WNY/CNY we pull into town to see a the entire strip completely consumed by vintage cars and racers. Those participating in the vintage show get to do a few laps of the original track, which ran through the city from '48-52. Then the vintage racers pile in and do the same. It's an all day event, completely packed (literally) until 9pm. Then a weekend of vintage races!

It's so cool to see almost exclusively vintage cars for 3 days. I'm only 27, it's a treat for me as I hadn't yet arrived during that era, ha.

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