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As I posted here at the end of July, my 71 240 was totalled in an accident. The left front was pretty badly damaged, and the frame rail was bent. Insurance declared a total loss, and the car was picked up from my home by CrankyApe auctions, out of Kissimmeee, Fl. The ins. co. was willing to let me buy the car back for 4K. I can't do what I did 21 yrs. ago, so I took the full value settlement. CrankyApe is putting the car up for auction, and I would really like to see it go to a good home; i.e. some one who has the time and energy to get all the excellent parts off this car. It has a mint condition series-1 hatch, the interior has a mint condition dashboard and all gauges work, including the clock. The entire right side is in perfect shape. This car has won many awards over the past 21 yrs., including 2nd in Street Modified 240-Z at Z-con 2009 in Texas. If you are interested, the auction website is CrankyApe.com. I would really like to see my car be used to keep others alive and running.

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I am so sorry to hear this George. I hope no one was hurt but I do know it breaks the heart to see such a great car end up like yours did. Given your decision I assume the ins. company made you a fair settlement. I too tried to find it on the website and could not. I will keep checking back over the next few days.

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