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Solution for stuck fill plug in transmission and rear differential


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Hi all!

Found several threads on the subject of stuck fill plugs in the tran of diff in my search for tips as I made the same mistake as many other people:

Draining the trans oil before checking that the fill plug does open...:ermm:

Basic problem seem to be shortage of appropriate tools, you just can't apply enough torque with an open wrench or a crescent wrench without risking rounding the plug and never getting it out. I searched the net and went to a few tool shops but none of them had a female 17mm square socket avaliable.

However, there is a quite easy solution that gives you a much bigger, endless really, choise of wrenches, breaker bars etc. I had a friend of mine cut an adapter out of 12mm steel that fit a normal socket (in my case 30mm). Then you can just apply necessary amounts of force safely with anything from a simple 1/2" wrench to a strong 1/2" air gun without risking rounding the plug.

Another tip might be to let the trans cool down before putting the plug back if you drained it hot to avoid future problems...


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Oh good, that should work fine too, a 12-point 20mm will also "fit" but I did'nt dare to put force on it since the plug has so little contact surface on the socket...but that 8-point could work just fine!

I happen to live "quite" near... :P

So you are...:)

Hommaanko sulle adapterin? Laita viestiä!

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