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How to Fix Hood Vent Studs


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I mistakenly put studs on my headlight buckets by drilling out the broken bolts, (which I thought were studs) tapping the holes for M6 threads, then screwing in stainless steel bolts from the backside and applying JBWeld to the threads up against the head. They hold really well, so well in fact that it wasn't worth the effort to take them out when I discovered that the headlight buckets aren't supposed to have studs.

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I don't want bolt heads showing on top of my vents, but I may fill underneath the vents with JB weld then drill, tap and insert new studs - being careful not to drill through the top side.

That's essentially what I did when I replaced missing/broken studs on my headlight buckets. Rather than using threaded studs that could twist out again, I used screws of the proper thread size. I ground down the roundness of the heads just leaving a "crossbar" at the top of the screw. The result looked like a "T". I then put the screw, head first, into the drilled out hole where the original stud had been and packed it with epoxy. The "T" anchored the threaded part and kept it from turning or pulling out when the nut was tightened down.


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