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Original Datsun Ad Agency Art Signed The Artist!!

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    This is an Original Datsun ad agency art from artist M. Trainor.

    I purchased this from his daughter years ago.

    The name of the art is titled ~Datsun In A Nutshell~.

    Mr. Trainor worked at an advertising agency in San Diego California, you know like Darrin in Bewitched, and made this colorful funny piece of art in January 1974.

    Look at the Whitefro LOL! There's a B210 in a nut shell ROFL!

    It's painted like a cartoon with celluloid style techniques.

    I Had this thing for awhile and finally got a chance to take pictures for you guys to see.

    Wat do you guys think?

    Far as a know it was never publised as I've never seen int in a magizine or nothing yet.

    Thought I'd share it since I finally posted it for sale in the classifides section.

    Link here -> Original Signed Ad Agency Art








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    I just saw that Ad somewhere today - - now I can't find it again. I think it was on Facebook at one of the Local Club web sights..

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    Yes - that is possible. My mind may be playing tricks on me - but I would have sworn I saw a magazine ad with that picture at the top - surrounded by a red band... I could just be remembering the ad from the time...


    Carl B.

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    Interesting. Still haven't seen it myself but could be :)

    Thats would be awesome to see it!

    Is there any precedence for these turning up before at all?

    I mean origanal art that is.

    I put an ad up for it on here and on craigslist L.A.

    Not sure how much it's worth and if it don't sell I'd kinda like to know

    how much I should insure it for If I need to :/

    Right now it's in a climat controlled garage.

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    I have original art like the piece you have, Wing. I have the various paint scheme art proposed for the IMSA GTS 300ZX and the IMSA GTP Lolas. I also have (can't seem to find them right now) some layouts for the NISMO calendars. These drawings are fairly crude and they have edit notes written on them. Similar, but not as nice as your example. Who knows what they are worth considering that you probably have THE only example.



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    WoW! Those drawings are nice! I see some one didn't like Valvoline or Nissan on the fin.

    Tell you the truth they all look great. Must'nt of been easy for them to decide.

    Who was the artist who signed them btw?

    Price is hard indeed, the only reason it's not on Ebay now is cause my account was hacked via stolen password >:(

    So untill they straghthen that out I'm stuck.

    Was thinking about putting a reserve at $1,000 just to see wat happens. At lest way we'd know what the

    market is like for these rare pieces of Automotive History.

    This was in Mr. Trainors art portfolio originaly when he daughter sold to me which was pretty

    cool having it come form the direct family.

    I did ask his daughter if her dad had anymore Datsun pieces and she said no.

    Asking again if there where anymore car pictures she replied that was the only piece of

    automotive art that she had of his.

    Would keep it but I'm at a point where I feel like thinning the collection to find other rare stuff.

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    Even with the 1974 date, I have a hard time figuring out what car specifically that artwork would be in an ad for. It has side body lines influenced by a 280ZX, Quarter windows from both an S30 and an S130-in line with each other, S130 hatch too(squared corners in the chrome trim)and the tail and tag lights of a B210...bits and pieces from several cars, but the defining caricature of none of them. Maybe I am recognizing the taillights(because I have a set) and not the rest of a B210 because I don't have the whole car...but I do have a nutshell ad in my literature...somewhere!


    Edited by

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    Looks like a straight B210 to me. From all sides.


    No??? Thinking about lowering the price. It still aint sold on :/

    Wait! What?! You have a NUtshell ad? Please pics :)

    Edited by WingZr0

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