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My 1970 240Z - HS30 00084

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Hi Guys,

I bought this car off the first owner back in 2007 and let it sit under the house until last month. I went to start it and found a healthy rats nest sitting on the manifold. He had also decided to snack on my leads and hoses. I cleaned it out and decided that it would be good to take it to the Motorfest 2012 which was just over three weeks away. Since the car was stuck in the garage (it wan't running) I decided to try and become a newbie mechanic and do as much as I could myself. I want the car to be as orginal as possible. I borrowed the tools from a mate because an adjustable wrench only does so much and used the manuals to help explain everything to me. I used photos to make sure I remembered where everything went and worked by handheld light. It is all I had at the time.

In the three weeks leading up to the show:

- Took the carbies to have a refurbishment, clean and adjustment.

- Stripped out the engine bay and hired a hoist to remove the engine.

- Delivered the engine off to get a stock rebuild (Mainly rings and bearings). I matched the Nissan blue on the block to the alternator arm.

- Redyed the original rear deck carpet.

- Painted air cleaner, fan and splashpan to original specs.

- Repaired the original antenna buy putting in a new mast.

- Refurbished the alternator, manifold, distributor and anything else that could be ripped off the engine.

- Reconnected the muffler assembly from engine to tip.

- reconnected the engine and clutch and connected everything back together.

- Replaced the original steel rims with a set of polished Shelby 500's from the early 70's. I am old school.

- Replace tyres from 180/175 R14 to 215/60 R14 to keep the same rolling diamter and stock ride height.

- Replaced any busted or aging hoses.

- Bunch of other minor stuff to boring to mention.

- General clean and polish

managed to get her going on the day before the event.

Thanks to all the members and forums for helping me with those anwsers that just don't come in a manual.

Enjoy the images:








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Thanks Blue,

Any particular pics you want to see? Most of the ones I have are of the crappy condition during the three week refurb.

I also had the radiator stripped and cleaned. Still original though.

I tried out this engine swap but it ran rough after an hour so decided to use the original engine. (Actually my wife helped with cleaning the engine bay)

Note the hand held lamp on the fender. I did all the work at night after work.


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Cool wife!

Please post all pics you can. Details of cable routing, parts colours, stickers, etc. are valuable to all who restore...take the underside of your bonnet/hood for example.

btw here is my boss ready to rope the window http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/attachments/48359d1317607771-window.jpg

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Looks great, and I can't believe you got all that work done in just three weeks! I feel like a real slacker now. Is that the original paint? It's great to see such an original and early HS30.


Yeah the paint is original but I believe the fenders have been resprayed at some stage. I can flake it off to see the original paint under.

There is some rust looming around the sills but mostly it is on the surface around the car (perhaps a little more where I can't see it). When I pulled off the internal quarter panel to do the antenna I noticed surface rust near the taillight. Next stage I think will involve a refurb of the body and brakes but I need a rest for the moment - too many late nights.

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Hi Webmanic70

Great pictures and thanks for sharing them. Nothing like a goal with a deadline to get things moving and done. Nonetheless that is an amazing amount of work to get done in three weeks. The results look super to say the least.


Carl B.

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Please post all pics you can. Details of cable routing, parts colours, stickers, etc. are valuable to all who restore...take the underside of your bonnet/hood for example.

I will post separate threads over the coming weeks with pictorial details including:

- routing of cables with associated hooks and clasps used to hold them

- carpets. This car has the original set including the jute in very good condition.

- small things that matter for the interior

- small things that matter for the engine bay

- seatbelt detail. Probably only for the Aussie members since they are different to the US fit out

- Body work including the bonnet etc

Decals on our cars in Australia are less extensive.

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I have done some touch up work on the engine. Trying hard to keep this thing stock. It seems like everyone here in Australia is upgrading everything to a point that you forget what they used to look like out of the factory.


Below is how the engine looked when I first bought the car. It became a lot worse because I had it sitting idle for a few years and rats made a real mess of it.

Lesson learnt - Don't neglect your Z as they can age fast






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I am finally over the sag in the seats. The original Pirelli strapping supporting the seat base had basically melted and deformed over time. Therefore it was time to remove them and get them repaired. I managed to find a old school auto trimmer who worked a little magic and repaired a few rips as well. I kept the original foam (protected with hessian) and strapped it in a similar manner to the factory. I have replacement Pirelli strapping but decided to use modern nylon to avoid the same problem in the future.

BEFORE post-15177-14150828718398_thumb.jpg


It also gave me a chance to get a good look under the seat and the flooring. The original carpets and jute are in excellent condition and there was no rust (Jute is also exposed under the seats). Note that I am using the competition steering wheel while the timber one is being refurbished.


Seats are back in the car and looking better than ever. Now I don't have to put a towel under the seat to feel comfortable.



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