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1975 C110 (KHGC110 240K) Build

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He's VERY particular which is great, he knows I'm pretty picky too but he's doing a fantastic job. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to get work done. He'll be doing the entire car, new roof lining, parcel shelf, carpet etc.

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I picked up a LD28 crank too. I've been playing with the idea of building a L28 Stroker. I sent the crank away to be linished and tested. Came back all good. Standard size and nice and straight.


I'm goign to have a chat with Peter Mcdonnell about an engine build to try an get an idea of what's available and put together a budget, and maybe sell a kidney.

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If you get a colour code on this can you let me know? it some point i need to repair and repaint my NOS GTR front grill (it has a little rust), pretty sure this paint colour should match (though havn't had them both out and side by side to be honest).

I dug out this gem tonight. I picked it up from Japan a few years ago as new old stock. It suffered some minor damage in storage, a couple of scuffs on the paint work. We tried using some thinners to clean off the paint scuffs and the original paint wiped straight off. It turns out The original paint is acrylic (duh...) so its a bit of a blessing in disguise, I'd much rather repaint the whole piece in 2 pack and match the over fenders and grill. The thing I'm most pleased about is that having this part will allow us to colour match to factory spec. :)


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Yep I'll let you know for sure. I just picked up a rusty old GTR grill too so I'll have to do this at some point. I'll post it up for sure.

I picked up the trim pieces and seat today. All the work is top notch! These pictures are not the best sorry.



These are the door skins. They are not 'true' to GTR's of the time as they didn't have carpet on them, just vinyl. I made a mistake there but I'm not really concerned, I actually quite like it and it will help to protect the doors from scuffs.



Alan removed all of the chrome work and polished it. He also replaced the felt runners that sit against the windows.



The rear trim pieces.




And the completed rear seats!

I didn't bother putting holes for window winders as I picked up some switches and electric motors/mechanisms from Japan which I plan to service and fit. The motors/mechanisms just arrives today so I'll post up some shots. I figure it will be nice to have some mod cons!

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Picked up these bad boys on the weekend.

Fully Restored Triple 44mm Mikunis restored to factory new condition

Genuine Mikuni Manifold & Linkages

Genuine Mikuni 50mm Trumpets

Genuine Mikuni Soft Mounts

All new jets, pump diaphragms and gaskets etc

All hardware replated




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Yep that's them. I managed to get him down on price, worked out pretty reasonably in the end considering they are basically brand new inside and out after the re-co.

I spoke with Peter Mc regarding an engine build. Not sure where I'm going to go to be honest. I'm going to focus on the body and forget about the engine for a while I think.

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I removed more of the dash and fittings from the car over the weekend. I also had a play with a spare cluster surround I had to see how easy it was to remove the wood grain finish. As most of you are probably aware, underneath that wood grain trim is the raw aluminium finish used in the GTR. Obviously the same piece was used, it was simply covered for the non GTR models.

It turns out thinners or gun wash is very effective! I tested this on my spare piece and it worked a treat. The only common problem is a lot of pieces have corrosion "worms" in the finish. I'm not sure if this is a result of the trimming process or what. The first piece I tested was petty bad so I decided I'd make something similar to a mitre box and line the base with either 1500 wet and dry or 3M steel pad then pass the alloy through to get a new uniform brushed finish.

I decided I'd remove the second panel last night more carefully than the test piece so I wouldn't damage or bend the alloy. I tried using a heat gun but it's not fantastic. It looks like a contact adhesive is used on the back of the alloy panel to fix it to the plastic. I ended up pouring some gun wash in between the alloy and the plastic and then waited for it to dissolve the glue. Not great for the plastic but I do have a spare which I plan on spraying.


Once the alloy was off I make up a make shift bath with foil and left the piece if for about 30 mins or so.


Once the thinners does it's work the wood grain cover is reduced to a balloon like rubber and simply peels off. It's a bit tricky to get off the edges but with some care it all comes off.


The contact adhesive also peels off the back


Once all the glue and rubber is removed, if you are REALLY lucky you might fine a virtually perfect aluminium panel like I did. It's still a bit grubby in this pictures so I'll brush it with some more thinners tonight and give it a good scrub. It has some very minor corrosion spots but I'm not going to both fixing them, if anything we may try and clear it.


A word of advice, make sure your bath doesn't leak. My garage is going to smell like a spray shop for a while :ermm:

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I removed the remainder of the stainless trim from the car last night with a heat gun. It was glued down real good which was a major pain in the arse. That's the entire outside of the car done now. I have sent most of the bright work away for straightening and polishing. Will post pics when it comes back.

It doesn't look like a whole lot has changed really but it's good progress. I'll gut the rest of the interior soon I reckon and have the parcel shelf and other trim pieces remade.

I'm waiting on some space to shift the car before I remove the engine and blast the car, I need it running to move from the garage. I may remove bonnet, boot and doors etc and start work on them before hand.


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Progress is a bit slow at this point, I've got stuff away being worked on which I'm hoping to pick up this week and some parts coming from Japan also.

I pulled the cluster and gauges from the car when the interior came out. I'm always amazed my how much dust I find and where I find it. I guess I have to remember the car is 37 years old, older than me! Anyhow I wanted to clean and service the lot, make sure that they were OK electronically and reset the ODO as the car is really being reborn, so it deserves 0 on the clock.




I've removed the clock on these as the GTR's had a 'Nissan' blanking plate instead of the clock. Hoping that should arrive this week.




Reset the back to 0, looking much cleaner now too.


I cut and polished up all the lenses, cleaned the housings, dials and needles, checked the circuit boards and components and then reassembled the lot. I'm trying to decide if I change the globes out for LED's or stick with bulbs for the warm glow they give. It's interesting how the bulb housings are painted in certain areas to restrict where the light shines. I think I'll have to play with this and see what looks right.

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