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3 - Z's for sale


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Z Car 1 - 1978 280z - bored out to 3.2 L - Diesel crank, ported polished and balanced Alum flywheel, big throat throttle, high vol injectors, 5 speed, hd springs, a008 tires, 15x7 rims, loni shocks Street/Race Cam

Z Car 2 - 1973 with 35,000 miles. Engine 2.499 Liter setup for old IMSA GTU Class. 11.5:1 Compression Domed Venolli pistions, Aluminun Fly wheel, Race/Street Cam, ported, polished, balanced, 5 speed competition transmission, 4.44 r-200 differential, competition suspension (2" lower than normal), IMSA GTU flares and G-Nose kit with front and rear spoiler Roll bar, minilite wheels and many more.

Z Car 3 - Saved the best for last. Newman/Sharp 1986 300zx Turbo 5-speed. This was the last of the Newman/Sharp cars. Yes it was really was their car. Turbo with intercooler, bump up kit (14-20lbs boost) Torsen/Gleassman differential, HKS tunned exhaust, HKS Turbo timer, Momo Wheels, extra set of wheels and tires, Red/White/Blue paint with front and rear spoliers, and side skirts.10,000 miles. Have all documentation

All of these cars have more that what is mentions. I am just trying to give you the highlights. Make a offer on one or all.

I also have 2 - early model 280ZX that I am parting out. Make me an offer and you can have both of them

Best Regards

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