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240Z parts and wheels 4 sale


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Got a few 240Z parts I need to unload, not really what they are worth so email me if interested.

Outlaw II 14x6 rims, great shape. Nothing wrong with 'em just don't like the style.

Intake manifold.

Weber carbs, with round air cleaners, looks good. Went for the round top SU's myself.

taillights, '73, good shape, no cracks.


'81 alt.

'83 taillights.

power ant., '81

Ramflo air cleaner for early SU carbs, used for about 2 weeks before getting original air box

mechanical fuel pump, '73. New. Put it on to see if it worked but decided to go electrical.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Please accept my apology for not emailing but have had, and am having bigtime computer problems.

The carbs do have a manifold, and cross-over valve as well. As they were recently rebuilt I'd like $100 plus whatever it cost to ship them, the manifold and the crossover valve. Sadly, there is no linkage, broke it when I removed it.

As far as the wheels are concerned, I have no jpeg, although I did se them in the earlier Motorsport catalog, the one with the blue 280ZX on the front, The have approx 12 3" holes around the centercap, good condition. No cracks, scrapes and look good. I, however, don't like the style. I'd like $100 plus shipping. Or you could pick thrm up if your close to Tulsa OK.

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