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Stuff worth looking at off Yahoo Auctions.

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I saw this GTR rear Lights and surround thought someone mite want a bargin.


Needs some work but is going cheap right now.

Feel free to add anything you see and think people mite want.


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someone got a bargain:cool:

You did well on that! I forgot the most important bit; actually bidding and not just watching the price haha

Did you buy it for the whole thing? I'll be after a set of lights soon :)

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yeh bought it for the lot, i thought it was goin to go for at least 50k and i only placed 1 bid and got it. i have seen stock sets go for alot higher. once restored it will look mint. Prob best is to buy the lenses out of the garnish, always alot cheaper and you can buy repo gtr sorrounds if you want to go that way

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Speaking of trims...

Anyone know where I can get the little pressed metal clips that hold the F&R screen trims in place??

most of mine broke (rust) when removed...


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Damn people should sell them both a once LOL.

Im going to buy those clips and door rubbers from them in the next month.

I want my windows in so i can wash my car, awww the simple things in life.

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