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Oil Leak near front cover

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    I finally got her back together and on the road last week. However, i have discovered and oil leak near the front

    cover. The attached photo shows the area of the leak.

    When i was installing the front cover, i bent the head

    gasket because the head and the oil pan were already installed. I had to "squeeze" the front cover in between

    them. When i did this, the head gasket bent and crimped. I believe this may be the reason there is oil leaking

    now. I have a new head gasket, but i didn't want to spend the time to replace it if i don't have to. Has anyone

    had this problem or have an idea of where/why the oil is coming out?

    Also, my oil pressure is reading low, about

    15% of the gauge's range. This may be due to the old sending unit. The oil seams to leak worse when the engine is off.

    There is virtually no sign of the leak when the engine is running, but after sitting overnight there is a small puddle under

    the car,post-19502-14150815759116_thumb.jpg about 1" in diameter.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.


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    Hopefully you didn't compromise a cooling passage, too. Keep an eye on your oil and water to make sure they didn't try to mix. Also look at the spark plugs to make sure they don't show signs of problems.

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