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'71 Series 1 - Rear Bumper Help!


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Hi Folks, I am hoping to get some help from the community on the restoration of my Series 1 rear bumper. The first question that i have is: Is the rear bumper from a '71 exactly the same as the rear bumper from a '73? ...size wise? ...are the bumperette's in the same position? ...are the brackets in the same position? Differences?

Next, Does anyone have detailed measurements of a '71 Series 1 rear bumper with bumperettes and the rear bumper overbar? Pictures and measurements please? Thanks, Auzziez.

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For North American cars, the '73 bumper is different in virtually all parts. The bumperettes are much larger and mounted farther apart, closer to the mounting brackets. I believe the bumper bar parts are a bit larger as well.

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Thanks Zed, I have a nice overbar and would love to know some basic measurements regarding where to drill holes to connect it to the bumper. I could eye-ball it, but I'm too much of a perfectionist, and would hate to screw it up. Thanks,

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