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Speakers for 280z

C Gra Z

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Has anyone got any suggestions about speakers for a 280z? My husband got me 2 box speakers for Xmas a couple of years ago. They sound fine but they really take up a lot of space. I saw some that are built into the back of a 240z but the back of the 240 is deeper. Help!

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I don't know if the side panels in the 280 are the same as the 240, but here's my setup, it might work for you.

I fab'ed kick boxes that are installed just in front of the doors on the side panels. They attached directly to the interior panel. The box measures 6"x6"x1-3/4" and holds a 5-1/4" coax. It was made as follows:

6x6x1/4 hardboard, glued to:

6x6x3/4 MDF (with a 5-1/4" cutout), glued to:

6x6x3/4 MDF (with a 4-3/8" cutout),

All covered in the finest black "rat fur".

In all, two boxes took all of 30-45 minutes of actual work (not including drying time for the glue).

With a 3" hole cut in the side panel, you can accommodate a 5-1/4 coax as deep as 2.5 inches (1-3/4 in the box and an additional 3/4" behind the side panel - leaving about 1/2 between the magnet and the fender).

Back by the hatch, I installed a Bazooka powered bass tube. My Alpine head unit has a built-in crossover/HPF, so I don't have a lot of subsystems to make this all work.

It's not the loudest system out there, but it does sound good.

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You may want to call MSA and ask if the MSA speaker panel will take up more room in a 280. I'm sure they know the difference of the depths of the two cars.

This is my 240Z with the MSA speaker panel installed. I would not hesitate to do it again. There is more detailed info with my sound system in my garage.



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I have one of those speaker panels on my '73. Two screws on top and it's out. Actually easier than the old finisher panel with all it's rivets. 2 thunbs up for the panel and the sound from the 6x9s.

Cheers, Mike

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Pops, do you have just rear speakers, and nothing in the front? I am debating between having just 6x9 in the rear, or fabbing 5 1/4" speaker enclosures and installing them in the kick panels (little room there unfortunately). Thanks.

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At this time I have no speakers in front. I am considering adding a pair of tweeters mounted somewhere in the front to add some fullness to the sound experience. FWIW the sound from the rear 6x9s is very good. I didn't want to cut holes in the door panels, and the kick panels seem pretty far away from my ears, plus I didn't want my size 12 clodhoppers to kick any speakers down there. I have seen others mount their tweeters in the "eyeball" vents in the dash.

Cheers, Mike

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