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Anyone have an Aero Lip?


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My air dam is pretty banged up so I need to make a decision on which style to go with for a new one.

I am not a fan of large front air dams. From what I can find by searching around the forums this leaves me with very few choices. I can go back with a stock replacement (expensive!:ermm:) or I can go with an Aero Lip from MSA.


I've been reading old posts and haven't found much information on this style air dam. It doesn't seem to be all that popular. Can anyone comment on the quality of the fiberglass in this part? I don't want to pay a bunch of cash to have a body shop rework a poor quality part.

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I have the "front valance with aero lip" - creepy name. I put it on a few years ago after I installed 15" Rewinds and larger tires. The right front tire rubbed slightly on the stock metal valance when turning, so I thought this would be an easy solution that could be trimmed if the tire still rubbed. I didn't want to hack at the stock valance.

Quality of the part was top notch, fit was perfect, and installation of the turn signals was fairly easy. Tires didn't rub, so there was no need to trim the edge by the front wheel well.

I've had a "Spook" spoiler in the past to compensate for front end lift and, because of its size, I'm sure it did a better job than the Aero Lip. However 80 mph on the highway with the Aero has been smooth, so it must do something.


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