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Need help on ID of heater system part


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Hey all,

I installed the Honda blower motor, and whenever I turned it up to the highest setting, there was a flapping noise coming from inside the air box in the dash. I could see fleeting glimpses of some piece of loose material through the center vent, whipping around in the airflow.

Today I had the glove box out and managed to stick my fingers into the air box through the side duct (going to the passenger side vent) and gave it a little tug.

Pictures of what came out are attached.

I looked in the microfiche and couldn't find any information. I've never had that system apart, so I have no idea what purpose it served, or if I really need it at all.

It's black and feels like a piece of vinyl, smooth on one side, with the remnants of that ubiquitous 240Z foam backing on the other side (mostly disintegrated now).

Business card-sized Australian meat pie card shown for scale.

Any input?




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easy enough, just glue it back on. I just did that EXACT thing today. I installed the Honda Blower motor after mediablasting the full blower assembly and painting it a Low Gloss Black. Also used an 11mm foam on the upper seal and 2mm foam between the blower housing and air intake box.

Works Friggin Awesome!! Actually blew out some crap that has been in there forever. The old fan couldn't move that stuff. But the Honda motor definately did the trick.

Also, just remove the housings top 10mm bolt and 3 firewall bolts, unclamp the door flat cable and unplug the 6-pin connector to drop the whole assembly down. Glue the peices back on and reassemble.

Have fun.


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Thanks for the responses.

I think I may have to chalk this one up to a future project. I just got everything back together again and I don't think I have the stomach to rip the dash apart for this fix right now.

Will this missing seal mainly make a difference when I'm trying to run the heater (rather than my aftermarket A/C)? Winter is a long ways away for Texas

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So basically it will undermine my A/C by letting warm air bleed into the airstream from outside, regardless of the position of the top climate lever?


Do you think it's feasible to get at that door to apply a seal without removing the dash? I.e. maybe by removing the front heater control panel and going in through there?

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I remember doing mine years ago, and I have never had the dash out. Remember getting my forearms all scratched up in the process.

Good news is you only need 5 more pies to get a free one (somebody had to say it)

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