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quarter window weatherstripping help


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Even with my 'how to restore your Z car" book, I can't figure out the weatherstrip for the quarter window-specifically the lower corner pieces. My car is a 9/71 which is one of those transitional months for these cars. From what I read my car uses just the small piece in the lower corners. I don't remember what my car had since i took it apart so many yeras ago:stupid:

I have included pictures of what I have in the way of new pieces and some old pieces I had laying in storage.

Picture 2 shows some old seals that I had in storage. I think it is obvious that these slip on the bottom of the quarter window frame. They are actually very usable.

Picture 3 shows the new seal that I got from MSA. Not sure where it fits into on the window.

Picture 4&5 show another old seal that i had. It is basically the new seal from MSA with one end folded over. Still can't figure how it fits.

So I need help fitting these seals. Do I use both kinds or will the seals in pic 5 suffice?






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Pics 2, 3 and 4 go on the door window frame, right where they enter the door themselves.

Pic 1 gets the item in pic 5, but that is an old and no longer available seal. The new one, doesn't look like that. It's on a sheet metal piece that attaches to the quarter window frame.


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Thanks E, I knew you would know.

So the seal that goes on the DOOR frame, it should be folded like I found the old one? Does the pointed part go up or down? I guess I will try turning it all around to see how it goes unless someone has a pic.

As far as the quarter seals, these old ones I have seem servicable, would they be sufficient?

I think I have one side of the other type you are refering to E, but I didn't see where there was enough fastener attachment points on my window. I have only two screws at the top of the quarter, nothing at the bottom. I figured that the seal on the sheetmetal was for later models.

Thanks again guys.

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Thanks for the link. When i searched I didn't put in corner seals, I was using quarter window seals so i didn't come up with that thread. I guess i will need to take my laptop to the garage and read as I work!!!

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