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Welcome to the forum,

You should try the search function out, you should be able to find threads related to your question. There are numerous threads about this topic, and you would know best what you're looking for since you have not told us anything about the vehicle in question.

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After you have taken INF's advice and searched the forum, you can try two things:

1.) Check ALL of the fuses (use multimeter, check for continuity). If you have a blown fuse, replace and you are back in business - unless it blows again then it is time to dig deeper.

2.) You can unplug the fan from the harness and then jump it straight to the battery or a battery charger. If the fan runs, you are ok - check the wiring harness and maybe even the fan switch for problems. If this is the original fan - you might consider doing the Honda Fan upgrade (after all the fan is 30+ years old.).

Go forth and conquer.

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