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Distributor Timing

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I believe my distributor is off a gear. I adjusted my timing and had to go all the way past the adjustment hole to get it timed right. There are two timing adjustments and they are both adjusted as far advanced as they can go. I removed the distributor and found that it has a key way and cannot skip a gear.

Any ideas?

Is there a gear below that may be off a gear?

If so, Is it a problem? the Z runs great now that I adjusted it.

If its a problem, How do I fix it?

Help Please.


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The distributor is driven by the oil pump shaft, and that is what is off by a tooth. You will need to drop the oil pump and re-index the shaft. IIRC, you'll probably need to drop the front of the sway bar to drop the oil pump. The oil pump gear is helical, so it is very easy to get it off by a tooth. Turn the engine to TDC (0°) before you start. At TDC the indexed key for the distributor should be just a bit off of vertical. Imagine it as a clock face and the time is 11:25. Note which way you need to turn it, lower the oil pump enough to move it a tooth that direction and put the pump back into place. Re-check the shaft key. Repeat as necessary to get the 11:25 setting. Probably only one tooth off if you can get there by turning past the holes.

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I have it timed pretty well now so I will leave it for the time being but will probably fix it when I can use the help of my mechanic friend and his vehicle lift and will go ahead and replace the oil pump while I'm taking it off.

Thanks for your fast replies.

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